where to find the cheapest audi battery cost

When you buy a car, especially one as high profile as an Audi, you need to look after it well. That way, you’ll gain the maximum value from your investment. You may think that when hard-wearing parts, like the Audi battery, need replacing, you’re tied into purchasing from your dealership. But that can push up the prices unnecessarily. So, where can you find an Audi battery cost that’s reasonable and affordable?

The first thing to state is that if you don’t buy from the Audi dealership, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compromising quality. Provided you do your homework, find out what specification of battery you need, and take advice where you can from experts in the business, you can save yourself a packet with a cheaper deal from elsewhere.

Why Are Dealership Prices More Expensive?

Except for one or two manufacturers – Toyota is an example – there are no set prices for parts for big-name cars. That means dealers are free to set their own price scale, and that can vary widely from dealership to dealership, even in the same area.

So if you feel you must go to an Audi dealership to replace your car’s battery, it’s well worth consulting more than one for a price for the part. But there’s every chance you’ll still be paying over the odds.

As a guide, buying and having a new battery fitted should cost you no more than between £100 and £300. So if the price is running higher than this, you should look at shopping around for a better battery price. There are lots of independent sellers who can offer far more affordable prices than big-name dealerships.

What Are The Signs Of A Good Battery Seller?

First, and especially if you’re not sure what type of battery you need, look for a seller who will offer you reliable advice on your purchase.

With many online companies, while you’ll get low Audi car battery costs, there’s no-one available or knowledgeable enough about their stock to steer you towards the right option for your car.

Next, look for assurances that you’re dealing with a reputable company. Even at a discounted price, the typical Audi battery doesn’t come cheap, so buying a dud or the wrong battery entirely can be an expensive mistake to make. Search for a dealer that offers guarantees or warranties on their products. That way, if something goes wrong, you’ll have a chance of getting your money back.

Evidence Of High Standards Of Service

Good automotive parts sellers offer good customer service, and that attracts positive feedback from past buyers. Look for a company that’s proud to post its customer reviews on its website, for instance, and search for any added benefits the company offers, like guaranteed next day delivery, which can be a great boon if you’re in a hurry to get back on the road.

Finally, consider Audi battery replacement cost: you want to know exactly how much you’ll pay for a battery that will fit your Audi. Is the pricing policy clear, open, and transparent? Are there any hidden costs, such as a high premium for shipping and delivery?

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how to find the best audi battery cost


How long do Audi batteries last?

The typical car battery only lasts between three and five years, and the battery on an Audi is no exception. The key to extending your battery’s lifespan, and therefore saving on your Audi batteries cost for as long as possible, is to properly look after it. But no matter how careful you are, you should still plan ahead to replace Audi batteries every three years or so.

Why does my Audi battery keep dying?

There are a variety of reasons why your battery might die. Using interior lights routinely doesn’t consume much power, but leaving them on overnight can drain your battery dry.

Using the radio while the car’s engine isn’t running – when you’re cleaning it, perhaps - is also a common cause of battery failure.

Are Audi batteries AGM?

Audis, like cars from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen, all utilise “value-regulated lead-acid batteries” (or VRLAs). These are often called rechargeable sealed batteries. The majority are constructed from Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) – this means the electrolyte is immersed in a mat made of fibreglass.

How do you jump-start an Audi A1?

If your battery’s dead and you’re going to jump-start it, first ensure that all electrical equipment and the ignition are turned off on both cars. One end of your red jump lead should be connected to the car's positive terminal that’s not working, then connect the other to the boosting battery’s positive terminal.

How do I charge my Audi A4 battery?

If you need to charge your Audi A4 battery, first locate the cover and unfasten the screws that secure it. Take the red clamp (+), connect it to the positive terminal, and then attach the black clamp to the terminal marked negative. Leave the charger in place for at least a few hours to charge the battery.

If your battery fails to charge despite this, you may want to start researching Audi A4 cost of batteries and prepare to get a replacement.

All You Need To Know On Your Car Battery

While modern car batteries are very low maintenance, you can save even more hassle by buying a quality battery in the first place – it will last longer than cheaper alternatives, saving you the new vehicle battery price.

A standard battery has an average usage life of five to seven years. If you have an unsealed battery, top it up with distilled water, if needed, every month. Clean terminals frequently to prevent corrosion, and tighten the hold-down bar when needed to prevent damage caused by vibration.

How To Keep Your Battery From Repeatedly Dying

Always turn off all headlights and interior lights when you park up for any length of time. Even an interior light on all night will drain your battery. Check neither of the battery connections are loose or corroded – either of these can prevent your car charging when driving.

Protect your battery from extremes of temperature – very hot or very cold weather will further damage a battery that’s already failing. And if the battery dies while you’re driving, it’s likely there’s a problem with the charging system as a whole, so you may end up paying for that to be fixed, as well as the replacement automotive battery price.

Things To Know On Having Longer Car Battery Life

Your battery won’t fully charge on a series of short trips, so schedule an extended drive on a regular basis to keep it well topped up. Check your battery’s position and that it’s securely tightened in place – loose connections can cause short circuits and internal damage.

Turn off as many electronics as possible while the engine’s just idling – things like the air con put a real strain on a car’s battery. Also, schedule regular testing of your battery to make sure it’s operating as it should be.

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