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Most BMW car owners will be familiar with the power and reliability that a BMW battery can bring to the table. Not only is this powerful component essential to start a BMW’s engine; it’s also responsible for powering the car’s electronics, like the lights, sound systems, GPS, and much more. But eventually, all these functions will take their toll on a car battery’s health, causing it to deteriorate over the passage of time. Sooner or later, it’ll be time to look up BMW battery costs and buy a replacement unit.

When doing this, you might notice that the BMW battery cost in the UK can vary between products. Some batteries might come in below £50, while others might be priced well into the hundreds. If you’re not sure why there’s such a huge variation in prices, read on.

Knowing exactly what makes one BMW car battery more expensive than another can help you make a more informed decision when buying a replacement unit. Here are the four main factors that can affect a BMW battery’s price:

1. Size

In general, larger batteries have a bigger capacity and more robust power output. Therefore, a bigger battery will typically cost more than a small one.

2. Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity refers to the amount of time that a battery can keep your car running on its own without constantly being recharged by your engine or alternator. Having a battery with a high reserve capacity rating is useful for situations where your alternator fails, your engine becomes noncompliant, or your car’s left unused for long periods of time.

The higher the reserve capacity, the better. However, expect to pay more for a battery with a high reserve capacity rating.

3. Maintenance Level

The most common batteries out there need a little regular maintenance to keep them performing optimally. However, there are certain types of batteries that require little to no maintenance.

So-called “low-maintenance” batteries are unsealed units with caps where you can top up fluid levels with distilled water if the battery fluid gets too low. This is one of the only forms of maintenance you’ll need to carry out for these batteries. “Maintenance-free” batteries, though, are completely sealed and will continue to perform without any maintenance on your part.

These types of batteries are definitely more convenient for car owners, so it’s no surprise that they tend to be more expensive than the standard options on the market.

Budget-Friendly Battery Products For Your BMW

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How long do BMW batteries last?

Several factors including the battery type that you have, the weather conditions in your location, and the maintenance you carry out will need to be taken into consideration to properly determine a battery’s lifespan. However, a standard battery typically lasts anywhere between two and five years.

When should you replace your BMW battery?

The lifespan of your BMW battery will depend on how well the vehicle is maintained. Another factor that comes into play is how often and how far you drive the vehicle.

Generally speaking, though, a battery that’s in top condition can have a lifespan of up to five years before you need to start looking for an affordable BMW battery cost for a replacement.

Do BMWs have two batteries?

Most non-electric BMWs have only one battery. However, newer models such as the G series have two batteries, and sometimes even have three.

It all really depends on the specific car model you have. So, when calculating your BMW battery replacement cost, you should factor in the replacement cost of any additional batteries.

What happens if my BMW battery is not coded?

A BMW battery that has not been coded will have a shorter lifespan and could potentially damage your vehicle’s electrical system and engine. This is because your car will think that the old battery is still installed; when this happens, the new battery will be prone to overcharging issues. This means when changing your car’s batteries, you should also have them coded.

Registering Your New BMW Battery

Batteries of later-model BMWs need to be registered or matched to the on-board engine control unit (ECU) for proper operation and battery longevity. If you’re wondering why, it’s because your BMW’s ECU is designed to drive the alternator intermittently, only when electrical consumption requires it to do so.

Moreover, the ECU can identify how old a battery is, as well as the mileage it’s done. It then adjusts how the alternator functions accordingly, to charge the battery with these factors taken into account.

That means the ECU uses fuel more efficiently, which helps in preserving battery life. If you register your BMW battery replacement, you can get the best value out of your BMW battery.

The Cost Of A BMW Battery

Many car owners don’t put much thought into buying a BMW battery replacement, let alone how much it will cost them, until there’s a reason to get one. And when this happens, the price of a BMW battery can be surprisingly higher than batteries for older cars.

The price of BMW batteries, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, can range between £40 and £400. This doesn’t include the cost of labour for the replacement, if that’s a service you need.

BMW Battery Car Replacement

With BMW models, the battery type you buy won’t be too much of an issue, because the professionals fitting it can modify your ECU to match the new battery’s specs. The type of battery you ask for will inevitably affect the price you pay for fitting, which is why the charge for BMW battery replacements can differ between dealers or garages.

Getting a battery replacement for your BMW may sound tricky if it’s your first time, but Orius Batteries is here to help. With our helpful Battery Finder feature, we can guarantee that you’ll find the perfect battery for your vehicle.

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