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  1. How To Check New Car Battery Prices On The Market

    If you’re on the lookout for a new car battery, it’s important to shop around first before making your final purchase. You’d be amazed at how wide the range is when it comes to new car battery prices. Some prices you see could be considered ridiculously high, while others may be unbelievably low. How do you know what price you should be paying? Let’s take a look at the factors that affect battery prices in the UK.

    who has the best new car battery prices

    Average Cost Of A New Car Battery

    Would you believe you can get a

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  2. What You Need To Know About BMW Car Battery Price

    Many car owners, unfortunately, don’t put that much thought into choosing the best-priced BMW battery. After all, these batteries can last for up to five years or more, so it’s easy for car enthusiasts to forget about them and how important they are to the smooth functioning of their vehicles. However, your BMW’s lifespan is typically a lot longer than your battery, so at some stage, you will need to buy a new unit. And that means getting up to speed with the BMW car battery price basics.

    where to find the best bmw car battery price

    Compared to those for other car brands, BMW batteries tend to be a bit more expensive. They can cost anywh

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  3. What To Consider When You Buy A Car Battery Online?

    where to buy a car battery online

    There’s no doubt about it: at some point during the lifetime of your car, you will have to replace its battery due to wear and tear, among other things. However, there’s never a good time for a car’s battery to fail. Whether just before a road trip, late at night or when you’re in a rush to get to work in the morning, a dead battery is always inconvenient. Luckily, there are places where you can buy car batteries online. But if this is your first time shopping for a car battery online, it’s important to ensure you know which battery is most suitable for your vehicle.

    Though batteries are among

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  4. What To Consider When Looking For Best Price Car Battery Options

    where to find best priced car battery

    As a car owner, it’s important that you buy the best car battery replacement for your vehicle and your budget alike. If you want to get the best deals on batteries without compromising on features and quality, read on. In this article, we’ll discuss how to source the best price car batteries for yours and your car’s requirements.

    1. Battery reserve capacity

    Reserve capacity is the measure of how much power your battery can store for continuous use. While it’s a feature you’ll probably use rarely, as your car will run on the alternator anyway after the engine starts, it can be useful

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  5. Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Car Battery In The UK?

    how to choose the best place to buy a car battery

    Are you due to buy car parts in the UK soon, and want to know where’s certain to supply you with the best car battery? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we outline the advantages and disadvantages of the best place to buy car batteries, whether that’s from online stores or traditional bricks and mortar shops. Let’s start with physical stores first.

    1. Physical stores

    A physical store is the preferred place to buy a new car battery for many people, and there’s a good reason for that. Buying a car battery from a physical store means you won’t have to wait for

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  6. How Much Is A Mercedes-Benz Battery In The UK?

    when to replace a mercedes-benz battery

    How much is a Mercedes-Benz battery? This is one thing many car owners don’t necessarily think about when they make the decision to buy a Mercedes. But after a few years, when the battery is beginning to show signs of deterioration, it becomes a more important question. After all, the battery is one of the most critical parts of any car. Buy the wrong Mercedes battery and you may end up paying over the odds for it. You might even be sacrificing not only your car’s performance, but your own safety as well.

    Interestingly, you will get a huge range of answers when you ask

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  7. How To Avoid Buying A Fake Battery For Your Motorbike

    where to buy a battery for a motorbike

    Nobody wants to end up with a fake motorbike battery – they are usually cheap at first glance but will cost you more in the long run. Installing any battery that motorbikes can run with is not advised, and you should seek to invest in a high-quality product from a reliable supplier.

    According to the World Health Organization, around 36,000 deaths and 1.5 million injuries on a yearly basis have been directly linked to defective vehicle parts. Meanwhile, an estimated 3% of the global trade is made up of counterfeit goods, amounting to $461 billion. These include fake s

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  8. When To Buy A Small Motorbike Battery

    how to choose a small motorbike battery

    Knowing when to replace your small motorbike battery is critical to maintaining your bike's performance. It also ensures that you stay safe as you travel. Remember that your battery powers almost everything on your motorbike, which means you're risking a severe breakdown if you don't replace your motorbike battery with a new one when needed.

    The most common sign that you need a new battery is an engine that is sluggish to start. The moment you notice that your bike is getting difficult to start, grab a voltmeter, and check how much power your battery has left.


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  9. What To Check When Buying Car Batteries On Sale

    where to look for car batteries on sale

    Are you going to buy new car batteries soon, or have you spotted a car battery on sale and want to get it for less money? We’ve got you covered with our list of things to check when buying an on-sale car battery.

    We get it; battery sales are really attractive, especially if you can save a few quid. However, before you look for car batteries on sale this week, be sure that you know what to look out for.

    1. Check the manufacturing date

    Stores often offer discounts and promotions on batteries that haven’t sold after a few years on the shelves. But this is because

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  10. Why You Should Leave Your Nissan Micra Car Battery Replacement To A Professional

    how to choose the right nissan micra car battery

    When it comes to changing a vehicle’s battery, there is a tendency for most people to think they can do it themselves. If you are trained or experienced in car maintenance, there’s no reason why you can’t replace your Nissan Micra car batteries without any problems. But if you’ve never attempted it before, the quickest and easiest option is to get a garage or car mechanic to fit your new Nissan battery.

    Of course, you’ll have to pay for the services of a professional, but they’ll be equipped with the training and experience needed to replace your Nissan Micra active car battery quickly and efficie

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