Best Car Battery

How Can You Get The Best Car Battery On The Market?

Like most people, you want to make sure you’re getting the best car battery available.


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If you want to achieve the highest level of performance for your car, then you should not settle for anything less!
People tend to underestimate the importance of their car battery, but it is one of the most important components in your car. It powers your in-car accessories and electrical systems, including doors, windows, lights, and – most importantly – the engine. Because of its key role in powering your vehicle, selecting an optimal battery is crucial.
Car batteries definitely work hard, but they are not built to last forever. Battery failure inevitably happens and is actually one of the most common causes of car problems. Replacement is the only option when your old battery has reached the end of its lifespan, but finding the right replacement isn’t always an easy task.
But, luckily for you, Orius Batteries can help lift the burden off of your shoulders. Our company offers top-of-the-range products and services, plus this handy buying guide to help you get the perfect car battery!

Convenient Shopping

The best car battery brand is the one that matches your car’s needs. You have to consider the specifications of both your vehicle and the battery to make sure they are compatible. Each battery works differently, and your car needs to have the right one or else it will malfunction.
To help you find the right battery, we make the searching process much easier by providing you with detailed product specifications on our website. When browsing through our simple and elegant online store, the products and information that you need can be quickly accessed in just a few clicks.

What Details Should You Consider?

With batteries being such a vital component, you have to consider several factors when buying a new one.
Some key details to take note of are battery size, reserve capacity, cold cranking amps (CCA) rating, and the battery type.
Battery size is the set of measurements needed for it to fit snugly in the battery tray. Manufacturers often use a standard sizing system called ‘group size’ to simplify the process.
Reserve capacity refers to the length of time in which your battery can provide the power needed to keep your car running, even after the alternator fails.
Cold Cranking Amps rating is the amount of power the battery can supply to the car’s starter at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This is particularly important for areas that have cold climates.
Battery types, on the other hand, are the different systems that make batteries work and provide certain levels of power, charging cycles, and more. One popular battery type is the Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB), which is very durable while running with less charge. Another is the top-rated Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery, which provides the high level of energy needed to power start-stop systems.
While it is tempting to just get the battery that has the highest numbers in each of these categories, you can often save some money by sticking to what your car actually needs. This information will usually be found in your car's manual, but if not, you can always refer to the manufacturer's websites, any credible Internet source, or the expert advice of our staff.
Once you have the information that you need, our online store will enable you to find the best battery to suit your vehicle. Our wide selection offers products in various sizes, reserve capacities, CCA ratings, and other categories.
Even if these terms feel a bit overwhelming, finding what you are looking for on our website will still feel like a breeze. We present relevant information in a clear and straightforward way. Orius goes to great lengths to ensure that we are the best place to buy a car battery online because we promise you an easy to navigate online battery shopping experience!

Trusted Car Battery Brands

Another thing to consider is the brand. Some car manuals will require a particular battery brand to be used as a replacement.
But you do not necessarily have to purchase that specific brand. You can always choose a different brand as long as its specifications are appropriate for your car.
One well-kept secret is that many battery brands actually share the same manufacturer, so choosing a brand with the same manufacturer as your previous battery is a great way to save some money on a high-quality product. Review your options carefully and see if different products are actually a good fit for your car.
Whether you are looking for the same battery as your old one or exploring new brands, the wide range of offers at our store will make this task a breeze. We stock up on many trusted brands, and although there is no single best car battery brand UK-wide, our staff will help you to find the ideal battery for your needs.
Thanks to our simple and convenient website interface, you will become more knowledgeable about what the market has to offer. Search, compare, look at product reviews, and purchase, it's that simple!

Affordable Products

The price is as important as the other factors listed above, of course. It is a common misconception that wanting the best means spending the most.
One way to save on cost is to prepare early for the replacement so that you have time to find the best battery. If you wait for your battery to die on you while in the middle of a road trip, your choices might be much more limited, and you may end up spending more than you needed to.
It is also crucial to get in touch with a trustworthy supplier like Orius Batteries. When you shop with us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for money. We offer the best car battery prices on the market, without sacrificing the quality of our products!
Aside from the affordable products, wide selection of options, and convenient shopping, we also offers amazing deals and hassle-free delivery service!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us now by filling in the form here: One of our friendly representatives will address your concerns as soon as possible!


Does a new battery make a car run better?

Newer batteries are more potent and can induce a better spark at startup. This makes the work of keeping the car running easier for the alternator since less power is used during cranking.

How many years do car batteries last?

A typical battery has an average lifespan of about three to five years. We recommend that you get a replacement after the five-year mark even for top of the line automotive batteries, as beyond this, your battery is far more prone to failure without notice.

How many cold cranking amps do I need?

The minimum that you need is the number that the manufacturer recommends. You can opt for a higher number if you live somewhere cold. Take note that a battery may have the Cranking Amps (CA) number listed on it instead of the CCA.

Does it matter what car battery you buy?

The best quality car batteries are the ones that best match your driving and car energy needs. Each battery works differently and provides different results, even if it is the same model as your old one.
Find the right battery size, terminal type, and terminal location for your car. Before buying, consult your car's manual or an in-store fit guide.

Do I need a new car battery after a jump?

You don’t have to buy a new battery immediately when your car fails to start. Jumping the car and letting it run for at least 20 minutes recharges the battery, which might just do the trick. The most definitive sign that you need a battery replacement is when the current one can no longer hold its charge, though we also recommend replacing any battery over five years old.

What kills a car battery?

Even the finest auto batteries around suffer from issues such as:
● Human error.
● Parasitic drain that occurs when a battery continues to deplete power even if the engine is not running.
● A defective alternator that releases too little power.
● Extreme temperatures, which makes the battery work harder and discharge faster.
● Excessive short drives that do not allow the battery to recharge properly.
● Corroded or loose battery cables that disrupt the release of power and the charging cycle.
● When the battery is old and has reached the five-year mark.

Why does my car battery keep dying overnight?

Short circuit issues on the starting system might be the culprit if your battery keeps dying overnight. This usually causes your engine to draw excess current, thus draining your battery. Keep an eye out for loose, disconnected, or worn-out connectors or alternator belt in the charging system. Even premium vehicle batteries can be susceptible to this.

Do car batteries charge while idling?

As long as the engine is still running, the alternator will produce the electricity that your battery needs to charge. Just make sure that the alternator is in good working condition so that the battery charging process will go smoothly.

 Buyers Guide For Car Batteries

When going out to buy a new car battery, there are some factors to keep in mind to ensure you get the best one:
1. Plans on changing or upgrading your car
Look ahead and decide how long you think your current car will stay with you. If it is for the long haul, you should invest in battery types like AGM or GEL since they have a longer lifespan.
If changing or upgrading your car is part of your plans in the near future, you might want to stick to a more affordable lead-acid battery.
2. Car age
Older cars tend to have a more power-hungry engine and starter. As such, you might benefit from a stronger battery with the same measurements as the original so that you can fit it in the battery tray. Take note that modern battery retainers usually have a size limit for the batteries that can be used.
3. General climate in your location
Cold winters can be brutal for vehicles, so the best car batteries in such an environment are AGM and GEL type as these have better power retention.
On the other hand, these two battery types tend to struggle in hot conditions. If you live somewhere hot, a better option would be lead-acid batteries. Aside from being better in the heat, they are also usually the best price car battery in the market.
Need help in getting a top-notch vehicle battery that’s suitable for your car and lifestyle? Just visit our website to see and compare various brands!

How To Keep Your Battery In Good Condition

Keep an eye on the acid level
You should do a routine check-up of the battery’s acid level every six months.
Check if the battery isn’t fully charging or has shallow discharges. These problems may be caused by acid stratification, where electrolytes remain at the bottom and leave the top part lacking.
Be careful in adding water
Exposed plates indicate low electrolyte levels, this can be solved by adding distilled water. However, you need to be careful when topping up to make sure that the cells are filled just enough to cover the plates.
Replace the battery after four years
We recommend replacing your battery with the best car battery UK that you can find every four years or so.
You should not put off getting a new battery, or else you run the risk of losing power in the middle of a journey. If you don’t have a big budget ready, don’t worry; we can help you get the best price on car batteries today

How To Deal With Lead-Acid Battery Charging Issues

While cheap, lead-acid batteries are some of the finest auto batteries around. They are reliable, affordable, and very commonly used. However, the long time they need to charge (approximately 16 hours) makes them prone to being undercharged or overcharged.
Undercharging or overcharging can cause many issues, such as sulfation, corrosion, and more. These problems are quite severe and will reduce the lifespan and overall performance of the battery.
To solve these issues, you must routinely check and top up the batteries with distilled water so that the acid will remain at its optimum strength and be at a high enough level to cover the plates.
If it reaches the point where fixes aren’t enough, you’ll need to look around for the best car batteries to buy. Whether you want a lead-acid battery or something more advanced, we will have it for you at Orius!